Fun Activities with Barney Magazine

Fun Activities with Barney Magazine

Felicity is coming to four years old. She is beginning to enjoy simple colouring activities. Recently, I bought her a Barney magazine. This is a newly published magazine as I noticed it’s Issue No. 1. I bought it because it is cheaper than all the other activity books. At $4.90, it kept her busy for some time. Here’s what I like about the Barney magazine.

1) Stories
There are a couple of stories in the Barney magazine. I would read to her as she listens and look at the pictures. At times, she’d point and make comments on the pictures. She loves the colourful story pages.

2) A Pull-Out Workbook!
This is the best part of the Barney magazine. There are lots of activities for Felicity. There are counting, matching, writing and drawing activities. There are simple activities. It is a great introduction for pre-schoolers. Felicity is not in school yet. Next year, she will be attending Nursery, a pre-kindergarten class. Getting her to follow instructions and trace letters and numbers in the Barney’s Workbook would help her at school later.

3) Reward Stickers
At the end of each activity, I’d reward her with a sticker. She understands that she would need to complete the activity first before she gets a sticker. She becomes motivated and tries to complete as much as she could, in order to get her stickers pasted on the activity pages. It allows her to have a great sense of achievement!

4) Colour
There are 8 pages for Felicity to colour. She enjoys this activity. There are times when we would take turns to colour or we’d colour together. She loves doing things together. But there will be moments when she would quietly colour her workbook pages while I do my work. There are moments of intense concentration. I never disturb her when she’s in this mode of thought.

In conclusion, the Barney magazine provides a variety of simple activities for your children aged 3-5 years old. You may need to give instructions for the activities, but generally they would be able to complete most of them on their own. Felicity enjoys her Barney magazine and looks forward to the next issue.

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